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  • Marcus Naumer, Jasper van den Bosch (2009) Touching sounds: thalamo-cortical plasticity and the neural basis of multisensory integration. Journal of Neurophysiology, pubmed , doi
  • Marcus Naumer, Jasper van den Bosch, Andrea Polony, Jochen Kaiser (2010). Multisensory functional magnetic resonance imaging. In: Naumer M. J. & Kaiser, J. (Editors). Multisensory object perception in the primate brain. New York: Springer. Springer preview doi
  • Marcus Naumer*, Jasper van den Bosch*, Michael Wibral*, Axel Kohler, Wolf Singer, Jochen Kaiser, Vincent van de Ven, Lars Muckli (2011). Investigating human audio-visual object perception with a combination of hypothesis-generating and hypothesis-testing fMRI analysis tools. Experimental Brain Research (Multisensory Special Issue). doi
  • Alexander Walther and Jasper van den Bosch (2012) FOSE: A framework for open science evaluation. Frontiers in Comput. Neurosci. 6:32. frontiers abstract doi pdf

* equal contributions

Conference Contributions

  • Thalamo-cortical connectivity
    • NeuroCom 2011 abstract
    • Psychologie und Gehirn 2011 Heidelberg
  • Spoken concrete word processing in visual object regions
  • Audio-visual integration mapped with sogICA
    • Psychologie und Gehirn 2008 (poster)
    • International Multisensory Research Forum 2008 Hamburg (poster)
    • International Multisensory Research Forum 2009 New York (poster)
  • Effective connectivity of Visuo-Tactile integration with GCM
    • International Multisensory Research Forum 2009 New York (poster)
    • Psychologie und Gehirn 2010 Greifswald (talk) abstract



  • Courses in Medical Psychology for med students (German)
  • Various fMRI introductions for med, linguistics and neuroscience master students (English and German)
  • In-lab programming workshops

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1982 Breda, The Netherlands

1995 - 2001 Gymnasium - Preparatory Scientific Education Onze Lieve Vrouwe Lyceum Breda, The Netherlands

2001 - 2006 Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) M.Sc. Maastricht University, The Netherlands

11/2007 - .. PhD position on Intersensory Connectivity Institute of Medical Psychology, J.W. Goethe Universit├Ąt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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