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Wikis (Articles) in wiki such as this one using the MediaWiki software, can be formatted by using WikiText. This page is a short introduction to using WikiText. For more detailed information please have a look at these pages by the wikimedia foundation.

Creating a new article

To create a new page, please perform a search (in between the menus to the left) for the topic. The wiki will notice that the page does not exist yet, and ask whether the page should be created. Please note that the name of the new page should start with a capital letter. White spaces in the name will be replaced by underscores ("_").

Text markup

For plain text articles, there exist only a few things to remember:

what you must write to get this...
== Topic heading ==

Topic heading

=== Topic sub-heading ===

Topic sub-heading

just a horizontal line
(please! use sparingly)
just a horizontal line

(please! use sparingly)

''emphasized text''
emphasized text
'''bold text'''
bold text
Linking to [ ilogue]
Linking to ilogue
A link to our [[Cnlwiki]] main page
A link to our Cnlwiki main page
A [[Cnlwiki |named link there]]
A named link there
Putting a page into a category with
Putting a page into a category with
Your signature:
Your signature:

Jasper 16:24, 16 August 2006 (CEST)

Table markup

Naturally, sometimes you want to give data in tables (as in this very tutorial). Wikitext offers a very simple solution for that as well:

what you must write to get this...
{| border=1
! header1 !! header2
| cell 1,1 || cell 1,2
| cell 2,1 || cell 2,2
header1 header2
cell 1,1 cell 1,2
cell 2,1 cell 2,2
{| border=1 style="border:1px solid #000000;"
|colspan=2| spanning over columns || ...
|rowspan=2| spanning over rows || ... || ...
|                                 ... || ...
spanning over columns ...
spanning over rows ... ...
... ...

Please note that certain tags, particularly the table opening tag must occur at the beginning of a line in the editor to work, otherwise they will not be interpreted as wikitext markup!

Template markup

One of the most interesting features of wikitext is the ability to use templates. A template can be nothing but a text you wish to re-use, but it can become as complex as a whole chess diagram being template driven--have a look at this example page from the English Wikipedia site. But there are or course much more "simple" uses for templates, one of which is shown below in the image markup section.

Usually, it is advisable to create the template in question first (i.e. before using it in an article), for then the preview button will show whether the outcome is as you've expected it to be. To do so, try to think of a unique (and also meaningful) name for the template, then click to the URL bar in your browser and go to a URL like . You will be notified if the page exists (which means that you shouldn't alter it, not knowing where this template is used; whenever you have finished editing a template and are happy with the outcome, please inform one of the BI staff, so we can lock the editing feature for this template).

Now, press on the edit link and type the text (or markup) you want to reuse in several places. Once you have saved the template, it is ready for usage. Within the template you can use some special constructs to allow arguments being handed over. The syntax is as this:

In the template (say, called "HelloMyNameIs") you use the following code:

Hello, my name is {{{1}}}, and I'm pleased to meet you, {{{2}}}.

To use this template, you would then put this into an article:


Then the outcome would be:

Hello, my name is Jochen, and I'm pleased to meet you, Peter.

While this is, of course, a fairly simple (and not too useful) sample, you certainly get the idea of what this can be used for.

Image markup

First of all, you must of course upload the image you want to use. Please use a (hopefully) unique destination filename when doing so! Then you can use the image in an article with the following syntax:

what you must write to get this...


[[Image:GCM_InstMap.PNG|frame|center|Image title]]
Image title

This latter syntax is based on a template (see above) and is mainly useful if you want to prevent an image from being linked to it's proper page (so hopefully rarely). Please bear in mind that you must not give the wikitext usual syntax (Image:UploadedName.Ext), but the destination file's location (which is given on an image's page!). Also, since this is no internal markup feature of wikitext, you must use a different markup with curly braces, { and }.

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